AVENISENSE strives to comply with recognized standards for products, processes and services to fulfil the responsibilities in regards our stakeholders. The purpose of the AVENISENSE quality policy is to offer products and services that provide best value while satisfying the needs of our customers.

AVENISENSE works with process quality management systems in which quality takes highest priority and acts as a benchmark to customers, suppliers and partners.


AVENISENSE is proud to be an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company providing proof that we are dedicated to improve our day-to-day procedures to make our processes more efficient and safer. The AVENISENSE certification scope encompasses development, design, manufacturing and sales of measuring devices, accessories and associated services. All the AVENISENSE products are tested with the most advanced equipment to ensure conformity with the relevant standards.


AVENISENSE has obtained the Production Quality Assurance Notification according to the directive 2014/34/EU for its production facilities in Le Bourget du Lac. Subsequently, AVENISENSE is entitled to manufacture and certify products compliant to the ATEX & IECEX standards in its facilities. The ATEX & IECEX marks signify that our sensors are suitable for use in hazardous environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere. AVENISENSE is enlarging its explosion prove portfolio also according to other recognised hazardous area standards such as CSA and Russian standards. The latest achievements can always be seen on our CERTIFICATION SITE.


AVENISENSE has achieved a russian certification TR CU 012/2011. TR CU 012/2011 “Technical Regulation Customs Union – On the Safety of Products in Explosive Areas” is an export certificate required for all products going to Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.


AVENISENSE_Certificate ISO 9001 : 2008 Download (application 395.74 KB)
AVENISENSE_Certificate INERIS16ATEXQ401 Download (application 1.34 MB)
AVENISENSE_Certificate TR CU 012/2011 Download (application 2.49 MB)