Fuel Management

Complete fuel monitoring solution from storage to dispensing

Our sensor DEVIL, measures the density and the viscosity of the fuel and is the first viable solution for monitoring the quality from the terminal, shipment on the truck to the receiving end at the customer. DEVIL sensor is compliant with all applicable safety standards.

Typical applications of DEVIL for fuel management:




3D design tank truck, tanker truck, tanker with vivid colors

Gas station pump

Non hazardous products storage tanks







Your tasks:

You measure the dispensed volume of a fuel with a high precision volumetric flow meter? The recipient needs to recalculate volume in a mass related unit, because the energy content of the fuel is of paramount importance to him?

Today, the density is determined with an offline method? DEVIL, the liquid density meter provides this key information on time.


  • Online measurement of the liquid density, online calculation of the dispensed energy content
  • Fast and reliable message to the operator in case of a significant density change
  • Easy implementation in an existing dispenser system due to the unmatched footprint and the various options for nan inline or bypass installation
  • No change in the flow regime and no additional pressure loss in the dispensing system

Your benefits:

  • Quality! The complexes, error prone offline measurement is replaced by an inline, failsafe and traceable measurement method
  • Safety! The online density measurement screens every single kilo of dispensed fuel. In case of a significant density change, the dispensing process can be interrupted at immediate notice. No more guessing and assumptions like with an offline sample method
  • Cost saving! DEVIL is an easy to attach device to existing pipe infrastructure. It is not adding a significant pressure loss to the dispensing system. This results in significant benefits in CAPEX, because you do not need to change infrastructure like pump etc. The OPEX bill profits, because the capacity of the system remains unchanged

Product in use: 



Fuel Quality Monitoring in Fuel Storage and Dispensing (application 760.65 KB)
Jet Fuel Monitoring for safe flight & operations (application 1.23 MB)