The innovative sensor technology for measuring density & viscosity with unmatched compactness and application flexibility

The AVENISENSE – MESOSCALE technology is a patented combination of sensor design, sensor actuation and software. These components are the sensor’s backbone to measure density and viscosity of a liquid or density of a gas. The philosophy of MESOSCALE technology is to capture the benefits of sensor miniaturization with traditional metal construction technology to produce a product suitable for use in process applications. The heart of the sensor is a fluid wetted single piece, precision micro-machined metallic resonating element.

The MesoScale oscillating paddle of DEVIL, the Liquid Density and Viscosity Sensor The MesoScale oscillating disk of NORTHDOME, the Gas Density Sensor

Application Flexibility

AVENISENSE – MESOSCALE provides the user flexibility when measuring density and viscosity. The small size of the sensor can be installed everywhere,  even in areas, where space is limited. The sensors can be used for continuous measurement. The rugged all metal construction results in a robust design suitable for high pressure and higher temperatures found in process installations and is suitable for use in harsh environments such as deserts or arctic regions.

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