Customization and R&D


Beyond proposing catalog sensors, AVENISENSE customizes its sensing technologies through technical and sales partnerships, optimizing to your application. Customizing work covers aspects as:

  • Mechanics and materials
  • Electronics, firmware and communication protocols
  • Calibration and metrological performance
  • Integration of 3th party equipment

You would have regular interactions with us in order to best define product requirements and associated price points, then focused on deliveries.


AVENISENSE is recognized as a key partner for sensor-based co-developments. From tuning our devices to your needs, deploying networks of sensors, developing new inline sensing technologies, combining our sensors with specific automation or integrating our hardware into skids to provide a turn-key solution, our application engineers, mechanics and electronics experts and physicists will unite with your team towards valuable developments and innovations.


Our partnerships and co-developments are subject to strict confidentiality, unless explicitely mentioned by both Parties.

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