AVENISENSE is the fluidic properties line of the WIKA GROUP. WIKA-TECH – former company AVENISENSE – passionately creates and produces cutting edge, robust, fluidic properties sensing technologies. These sensors make our customer’s operations more reliable and profitable, while at the same time reducing their environmental impact. WIKA-TECH delivers plug and play sensing modules for the continuous monitoring of liquid and gases. The sensors are designed to be seamlessly embedded in all kinds of higher-level assemblies. The WIKA-TECH growth strategy is to be engaged in long-term, worldwide relationships with key customers, OEM integrators, distributors and research institutes.

Our history

The AVENISENSE story started in 2010 in the heart of the French Alps. Three entrepreneurs François Chaudoreille, Guillaume Granier and Eric Donzier founded a company and named it AVENISENSE. In 2011, while working in conjunction with strategic customers, the concepts of the first commercial products were developed. In 2012, the company received its first commercial success and was issued the first patents for the MESOSCALE micro-sensors. This technology is the backbone of the DEVIL and NORTHDOME fluidic properties sensors. In 2015 with the help of strategic investors such as Total Energy Ventures, Air Liquide (ALIAD) and Demeter Partners, AVENISENSE has continued to further develop by opening sales and services offices in strategic markets, with a primary focus on the US market. 
In 2018, AVENISENSE is purchased by the WIKA Group, a worldwide leader in the pressure, temperature, level and flow measurements employing more than 9,000 employees in 50 countries around the globe and producing over 50 million parts every year. Through the integration of AVENISENSE assets into the newborn WIKA-TECH, WIKA grows into the fluidic properties sensing domain while providing AVENISENSE with the support of a global sales network, production expertise and capabilities, and strategic investment into new product developments.


  • 2017 EURONEXT – Awarded to the TechShare program  Paris & Brussels. TechShare is a unique pan-European program that helps leaders of tech companies towards financial markets. Selected for their innovative flair and impressive performance, participants are active in digital, life sciences and eco-industries and consider listing in the three years ahead. https://www.euronext.com/en/techshare

  • 2015 AFIC – Awarded best French series A fund raise in the cleantech industry – Paris. AFIC (French Private Equity Investors Association) represents the French private equity sector. In 2015, 1,645 companies were financed by the AFIC members.igital, life sciences and eco-industries and consider listing in the three years ahead. http://www.afic.asso.fr/en/

  • 2013 OPEN INNOVATIONS – Awarded top 3 companies in the energy  & technologies sector led by a young entrepreneur – Moscow. Awarded top 3 out of 50 selected companies invited at the forum, AVENISENSE had the opportunity to present its businesses, products & breakthrough sensor approaches to the prime ministers of Russia, Finland & France during a broadcast. https://www.forinnovations.ru/en/

  • 2012 FRENCH MINISTRY for EUROPE & FOREIGN AFFAIRS -NETVA LAUREATE – San Francisco & Boston. Created in 2010 by the Office for Science and Technology at the French Embassy in the United States, NETVA (New Technology Venture Accelerator) is a mentoring program tailored for young, innovative French companies that includes strategic trainings as well as access to a vast academic, scientific, and industrial network in the US. https://www.netvafrance.com/Presentation-EN.html

  • 2010 FRENCH MINISTRY for RESEARCH, INNOVATION & HIGH EDUCATION – I-LAB Laureate – ParisSince 1999, I-LAB awards 50 projects that represent the “excellence of the French entrepreneurship” through a national selection of innovative technology-based companies, and offers financial support & specific mentoring. This award led to the incorporation of AVENISENSE. http://www.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/pid24633/i-lab-concours-national-d-aide-a-la-creation-d-entreprises-de-technologies-innovantes-et-prix-pepite.htmlhttps://www.netvafrance.com/Presentation-EN.html

Our activities

WIKA-TECH has extensive knowledge in sensor design, including the patterning of resonating sensing elements, the creation of mathematical signal conversion models, the design of robust embedded electronics,  sensor operation firmware and miniature packaging. Our technical services include customer requirements definition, feasibility studies (internal or on-site), prototyping, environmental qualification, metrological evaluation, safety certification and international standards compliance qualification. WIKA-TECH has a recognized know-how in the field of sensor micro-assembly and calibration. Based on these core competences, we can provide flexible services for research and development, industrialization and manufacturing. We are able to meet your specific requirements, wherever, whenever.


WIKA-TECH sensors are applied in a wide range of industries for the continuous monitoring of fluids. Important markets include oil and gas exploration and production, hydrocarbon fuel distribution, lubricant oil quality, alcoholic beverage production, chemical production, research and development, paints and inks. At AVENISENSE, we address customer’s requirements to provide the highest value solution.

Our values


Our customers search for sustainability in suppliers. They want to build long-term relationships, we aim to become part of their history and long-term growth.


We care about our people. We encourage them to enhance their skills and increase their responsibilities with various tasks to grow their knowledge of the business.


We apply advanced technologies and materials to design and manufacture high precision sensors that are cost effective solutions for a broad range of users.


We take responsiblity for the things we do, we do not hide from difficulties. We want to be in control of our entire supply chain, mechanical, electronics, sensing and calibration. This is the only way we can continuously improve.


Our philosophy is profitability results when our products fulfill the needs of our customers.


Our products participate in reducing the environmental footprint of our customers and we are proud of it. We contribute to the sustainable development of our products as well as with our production processes, where we only apply ecofriendly methods. Our smart and compact designs support the trend for a dematerialized industry.



View or download our corporate brochure to learn more about AVENISENSE :

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