AVENISENSE products and solutions measure fluids across a wide range of worldwide industries, including oil and gas production, liquid and gaseous fuels, chemical production, wind and conventional electric power generation, food and beverage, as well as inks used in advanced printing technologies. Sensors small enough to be embedded into natural gas quality analyzers, wind turbines, printing lines, marine or helicopter engines, fuel pipelines, fuel delivery trucks, or even process skids. AVENISENSE sensors operate reliably in the most challenging industrial environments.

Fuel Distribution

Monitoring fuel quality in distribution networks
Liquid fuels distributed using trucks or vessels, can become adulterated or contaminated due to accidental or deliberate efforts. Liquid density and
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Fuel Sales

Improve fuel management to reduce costs and improve accuracy
A liquid density sensor at the point of a volumetric fuel sale helps both large oil consumers and oil distributors more accurately account for fuel us
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Gas Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of gas quality
Gas density is directly affected by its composition. It can be used to estimate the calorific value for burner optimization and correct the flow
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Gas Blending

Real-time control of binary gas mixtures
Gas density measurement is a cost effective method to control the blending of binary gas mixtures. Density technology is independent of gas pressure,
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Food and Beverage

Measuring sugar and alcohol concentrations
Liquid density is the traditional method for measuring the concentration of sugar and alcohol in water. Sugar can be expressed in either Brix or Plato
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Fuel Oils Monitoring

Unique technology for monitoring heavy petroleum products
The viscosity of heavy fuel oil has an effect on efficiency and emissions. Large ocean vessels require controlling of the viscosity of a heavy fuel
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Chemical Blending

Monitoring chemical blending operations
In some chemical processes, liquids often need to be blended to specific concentration. Measurement of liquid density is a simple and robust method
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Lubricants Condition Monitoring

Analyses for oil condition monitoring
The measurement of density, viscosity and water activity can be used to indicate the aging of oil used in hydraulic systems, large marine engines, ind
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