Gas Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of gas quality

Gas density is directly affected by its composition. It can be used to estimate the calorific value for burner optimization and correct the flow measurement of gas through differential pressure flow meters.

Typical applications of NORTHDOME for Gas Quality Monitoring :

  • Energy content (WI, BTU, heating value)

  • Biogas composition measurements

  • Gas flow measurements

  • Natural gas quality control

  • Fuel gas combustion control (furnaces, heaters…)

  • Gas turbine control

  • Flare gas analysis / monitoring

  • SF6 concentration (high-voltage switchgear)

NORTHDOME, the unique sensor to measure the density and temperature of a gas in real time, enables you to monitor the gas quality. Either implemented into process lines or used as a instrument in an analyzer for quality control, the NORTHDOME has proven high metrological performances together with an unrivalled endurance to process conditions. By adding a pressure sensor, it is possible to calculate the density under reference conditions, and the molecular weight.


Integration int Wobbe index and BTU Analyzers (application 585.37 KB)
Measuring Biogas Composition (application 825.38 KB)