Gas Blending

AVENISENSE offers a sensing technology for natural gas, syngas & industrial gas online continuous monitoring.

Gas blending

Real-time control of binary gas mixtures

Gas density measurement is a cost effective method to control the blending of binary gas mixtures. Density technology is independent of gas pressure, gas temperature and is linear with composition.

Typical applications of NORTHDOME for Gas Blending :

  • Binary Gas Concentration (semicon, welding, metal transformation)

  • Average molecular weight measurement

  • Propane/Air Blending

  • Biogas Composition


Gas blending

Your tasks:

Problem: Blending two different gases to a specific molar or volume ratio. NORTHDOME gas density measurement technology is the key that makes this solution possible. An ideal application is blending hydrogen into nitrogen to create forming gas which is used in a wide variety of industries as a reducing gas.

Solution:  The NORTHDOME – gas density sensor.


  • Instantaneous information about gas composition reported as volume percent or average molecular weight of the mixture
  • Fast and reliable composition communication to the blend controller to minimize deviation from the targeted ratio
  • Installation options include flow-through and in-tank for application flexibility
  • High pressure operation allows the blended gas to be sent back to the process with no waste

Your benefits:

  • Productivity increase. Online measurement makes complex and time consuming lab analysis redundant and allows computer control of the blending operation.
  • Production cost savings. By blending gas from bulk supplies it can save the cost and hassel of handling multiple cylinders.
  • Installation savings. NORTHDOME is simple to install into an existing pipe infrastructure. Its wide operating pressure range reduces the need of complex and expensive pressure reduction infrastructure before the gas density sensor.

Product in use:

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AVENISENSE NORTHDOME APPLICATION_Integration into Wobbe Index and BTU Analyzers (application 880.42 KB)