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AVENISENSE passionately creates and produces cutting edge, robust, fluidic properties sensing technologies. These sensors make our customer’s operations more reliable and profitable, while at the same time reducing their environmental impact. AVENISENSE delivers plug and play sensing modules for the continuous monitoring of liquid and gases. The sensors are designed to be seamlessly embedded in all kinds of higher-level assemblies. The AVENISENSE growth strategy is to be engaged in long-term, worldwide relationships with key customers, OEM integrators, distributors and research institutes.

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20 March 2018

Start with LAB KIT

Prior deploying AVENISENSE instruments, start with a lab evaluation: it is what ... ► Read more


14 March 2018


SensAvenue by AVENISENSE is the software that allows you to display, record and ... ► Read more


31 January 2018

Bring precision to your Fuel Management System

Whether you are handling jet fuel, gasoline, diesel or biofuels, DEVIL® can help... ► Read more