Improve every step of your production process

Our sensor DEVIL can be easily integrated in all type of installations, inline or at-line into a volume stream to monitor your production. Our unique and innovative technology provides a high performance, cost-effective method to measure the essential parameters of beverage production, including alcohol or sugar concentration.

Avenisense also proposes a unique sensor BEER BRO to monitor Plato Degree, Density and Temperature at the key stages of brewing process.

Beer Bro Packs

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Typical applications of DEVIL for beverages monitoring:

Typical applications of BEER BRO for brewing monitoring:

  • Optimized lautering process 

  • Optimized whirpool monitoring

  • Optimized wort cooler monitoring

  • Optimized storage tank monitoring

  • Optimized filtrating monitoring

AVENISENSE_Fermenter monitoring Champagne (application 1.10 MB)