In 2018, Avenisense was acquired by the WIKA group, a global leader in pressure and temperature measurement and became WIKA TECH. It has been 3 years now that Wika Tech benefits from the support of a global sales network, a production expertise and strategic investments into new product developments. Wika Tech is therefore able to best meet the needs of its customers and is now better prepared for future challenges.

Effective August 2nd, 2018, AVENISENSE becomes part of the WIKA Group through the newly settled WIKA-TECH SAS. This alliance brings numerous business development, R&D and industrial opportunities always with the focus to serve our customers in the best possible ways. More than ever, we want you to be part of this new chapter! Please download the press release here.


The AVENISENSE’s products are intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of gases, liquid and gaseous fuels in industries such as refineries, gas installations, petrochemical industry, chemical industry. All our Ex-protected products are certified in accordance with the European standard ATEX and the international standard IECEx, also obtained the certification for the Russian market, Ex EAC. The production process is conducted according to high standards of ISO 9001 ensuring high quality products and increased safety. More information please click here.

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Did you know ? What is at the core of all AVENISENSE’s products ? Here is the answer – the MESOSCALE® technology. The AVENISENSE MESOSCALE® technology is a patented combination of sensor design, sensor actuation and software. It provides unmached compactness, unrivalled robustness, sensitivity and application flexibility. Do you want to know more?


Are you looking a cost-effective solution for inline LPG density measurement? AVENISENSE introduces the DEVIL® to the LPG industry. Our innovative, miniaturized and embedded sensor provides a high performance and is easily integrated into all type of installations. Discover DEVIL® highlights in our new application note «LPG flowmeters upgrade with density measurement». 

DEVIL LPG density measurement

We are delighted to introduce to you Lucia Jimenez, our R&D Project Engineer for the NORTHDOME, gas density sensor. Lucia is our skilled multinational Engineer specialized in Research und Development of many NORTHDOME applications for the gas industry : optimization of combustion process, gas blending, binary gas concentration and molecular weight measurements. With a strong chemical background and advanced knowledge of gas process optimization, Lucia offers expert advice on our gas solution NORTHDOME. Lucia brings international approach and strong technical expertise to the AVENISENSE’s team. 

AVENISENSE Gas sensor Lucia Jimenez

Prior deploying AVENISENSE instruments, start with a lab evaluation: it is what the LAB KIT is all about!

Our LAB KITS are a quick & easy way to evaluate AVENISENSE instruments. The kits include your sensor of choice, its USB cabling, a specific end block and our SenseAvenue software for instant use on any windows-based computer. Truly easy to install, startup and handle, the LAB KIT is the easiest way for measuring fluidic properties of liquids & gases, either under static or dynamic fluid conditions!  


Need for some back-up? Our experts can also support you in your lab evaluation, and as we want you on the long term, will work with you the specifics of your further field deployment.
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SensAvenue by AVENISENSE is the software that allows you to display, record and export measurements made by AVENISENSE’s sensors. SensAvenue uses the full range of functions: real-time data logging, easy computations and recording functions. SensAvenue offers you a quick overview of all sensor measured variables, allowing for easy and optimized data analysis. Further information on SensAvenue available here.

Whether you are handling jet fuel, gasoline, diesel or biofuels, DEVIL® can help you from the depot to the nozzle by monitoring fuel properties in real-time, deployed online storage tanks, dispensing systems and fuel trucks. Natural add-on to more traditional level & leak measurements, DEVIL® brings fuel monitoring to the next era. Online fuel properties assessment brings additional quality insurance perspectives, accurate fuel management, and bottom line: savings, differentiation and reputation.

DEVIL® is a compact, robust, plug & play device from AVENISENSE, that measures in real-time density, viscosity and temperature. The device is tolerant to water and fuel-related conditions and is supplied with very short delivery times in the US and Europe. Interested into an evaluation unit prior deploying? Request our Windows operating starter kit and play with the DEVIL® !

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