Fuel Management

Complete fuel monitoring solution from storage to dispensing

Our sensor DEVIL, measures the density and the viscosity of the fuel and is the first viable solution for monitoring the quality from the terminal, shipment on the truck to the receiving end at the customer. DEVIL sensor is compliant with all applicable safety standards.

Typical applications of DEVIL for fuel management:



Gas Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of gas quality

Gas density is directly affected by its composition. It can be used to estimate the calorific value for burner optimization and correct the flow measurement of gas through differential pressure flow meters.

Typical applications of NORTHDOME for Gas Quality Monitoring :

  • Energy content (WI, BTU, heating value)

  • Biogas composition measurements

  • Gas flow measurements

  • Natural gas quality control

  • Fuel gas combustion control (furnaces, heaters…)

  • Gas turbine control

  • Flare gas analysis / monitoring

  • SF6 concentration (high-voltage switchgear)

NORTHDOME, the unique sensor to measure the density and temperature of a gas in real time, enables you to monitor the gas quality. Either implemented into process lines or used as a instrument in an analyzer for quality control, the NORTHDOME has proven high metrological performances together with an unrivalled endurance to process conditions. By adding a pressure sensor, it is possible to calculate the density under reference conditions, and the molecular weight.


Gas blending

Real-time control of binary gas mixtures

Gas density measurement is a cost effective method to control the blending of binary gas mixtures. Density technology is independent of gas pressure, gas temperature and is linear with composition.

Typical applications of NORTHDOME for Gas Blending :

  • Binary Gas Concentration (semicon, welding, metal transformation)

  • Average molecular weight measurement

  • Propane/Air Blending

  • Biogas Composition


Real-time monitoring of LPG density

Our DEVIL sensor measures the density and the temperature of LPG. Thanks to its compact and robust design, the DEVIL sensor can be easily embedded on delivery trucks or installed in LPG dispensers. One of the direct benefits is to provide a solution for volume to mass conversion. Along With low power requirements and electrical safety approvals for hazardous areas, the DEVIL sensor is a cost-effective solution to monitor your product.

Typical applications of DEVIL for Real-time monitoring of LPG density:


The benefits of oil condition monitoring 

Close monitoring of key parameters of lubricants enables you to prevent system failures and to optimize the lubrification. You improve the lifetime of machinery and reduce the quantity of oil used, it is cost and time effective.

Customized oil monitoring solutions

Wika Tech offers a unique and complete portfolio of on-line measurement techniques to monitor the essential properties of lubricants. Choose the solution that matches your needs !

DEVIL sensor

  • Density
  • Viscosity
  • Temperature




Typical application for oil condition monitoring includes:

  • Improve the lifetime of rotating elements and reduce maintenance costs with true kinematic viscosity monitoring
  • Integrate true kinematic viscosity measurement in your oil analyzer


Chemical Blending

Monitoring chemical blending operations

In some chemical processes, liquids often need to be blended to specific concentration. Measurement of liquid density is a simple and robust method for monitoring and controlling the final blend. Our sensor DEVIL, measures the density of a liquid allowing you to easily monitor the composition of a liquid. The sensors are suitable for installation in-line or at-line into a volume stream. It is ready made to be integrated into existing measurement and monitoring loops.

Typical applications of DEVIL for chemical blending :

  • Control the concentration of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

  • Monitor the concentration of methanol/water

  • Determine the concentration of binary mixture