5 May 2018

Mesoscale Technology

Did you know ? What is at the core of all AVENISENSE’s products ? Here is the answer – the MESOSCALE® technology. The AV...
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24 April 2018

DEVIL® for LPG density measurement

Are you looking a cost-effective solution for inline LPG density measurement? AVENISENSE introduces the DEVIL® to the LP...
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20 March 2018

Start with LAB KIT

Prior deploying AVENISENSE instruments, start with a lab evaluation: it is what the LAB KIT is all about! Our LAB KITS a...
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14 March 2018


SensAvenue by AVENISENSE is the software that allows you to display, record and export measurements made by AVENISENSE’s...
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9 October 2017

AVENISENSE offers unique solution for safe fuel transportation

Do you need to monitor efficiently your fuel during transporation ? At AVENISENSE, we are specialists in the areas of fu...
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2 October 2017

Patent for invention « Methodology of Total Base Number (TBN)

We are excited to announce that AVENISENSE received the issuance by the the French National Patent Office (INPI) of the ...
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