°Brix concentration is an essential parameter of wine production as it determines the potential alcohol content of the wine. It needs to be monitored carefully and closely to guarantee the best quality.

Avenisense introduces the DEVIL sensor to the winemaking industry. Our innovative device uses unique patented technology for in-line density and temperature measurement of the wine. Thanks to its small footprint, our sensors fits easily in all types of installation.  DEVIL is the high performance, cost-effective solution for °Brix monitoring.


Unique miniaturized solution. Our patented sensor is the smallest on the market. Bulky and expensive devices are outdated!

Easy & smart integration. DEVIL  is easy to mount in all type of infrastructure enabling customized installation.

Cost and time saving. No more manual samplings are needed to measure °Brix concentration.

High repeatability. Our unique patented technology guarantees high metrology performances.




  • Online measurement of the liquid density and temperature with integrated calculation of °Brix
  • Data communication to a PLC or a Laptop computer
  • Temporary installation possible for portable measurements

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