Optimized lautering process in breweries


Monitoring Plato in the brewhouse is essential for producing beer with a consistent quality, at the final targeted strength and at the highest efficiency.

AVENISENSE introduces the BEER BRO density sensor to the brewing industry. This innovative device provides a high performance, cost-effective method for in-line measurement of Plato Degrees.

Plato of the hot wort is measured once per second providing a real-time view into what is happening during the main stages of lautering. You can now stop the extraction process at the exact right time to optimize your production.


Increased productivity. Detect extraction problems sooner and stop your process at the exact right time.

Easy integration. The installation is quick and simple using the existing sample port.

Constant quality. The measurement repeatability means consistent recipes from extraction to extraction.

Cost & time savings. Time consuming manual measurement are a thing of the past.


  • Measurement of wort’s density including at elevated temperature with Integrated calculation of Plato/ Brix
  • Data communication to a PLC or a Laptop computer
  • Temporary operation is possible for portable measurements

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Beer Bro Optimized lautering process in breweries Download Application Note (application 474.49 KB)