LPG flowmeters upgrade with density measurement

LPG is now increasingly used as a vehicle fuel or as an alternative to main gas for domestic and commercial heating.

WIKA TECH introduces the DEVIL® to the LPG industry. This innovative, patented sensor, provides a high performance, cost-effective method for inline density measurement.

By actively monitoring LPG Density and upgrading their analyzers to mass flow with DEVIL®, suppliers can finally give customers the insurance of fair fiscal transactions and reduce product’s losses.

Easy installation. With a small footprint, DEVIL® is easily integrated into all types of installations, including delivery trucks, dispensers and storage tanks.

Robust. Thanks to its all-metal construction, DEVIL® is resitant to harsh conditions.

Straightforward integration. DEVIL® plug & play capability makes it easy to link with existing flowmeters registers.

Safe. DEVIL®’s intrinsically safe design is approved for use in hazardous areas.

DEVIL LPG density measurement


  • Online measurement of the liquid density for online calculation of mass delivered
  • Fast and reliable communication to the operator to monitor density & mass flow during LPG delivery
  • Easy implementation into existing dispensing systems due to the unmatched small footprint, electrically safe operation and various mounting options
  • No change in the flow delivery rate and no additional pressure loss in the dispensing system

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DEVIL Brochure Download (application 866.53 KB)
Density measurement for LPG Download (application 870.93 KB)