31 January 2018

Bring precision to your Fuel Management System

Whether you are handling jet fuel, gasoline, diesel or biofuels, DEVIL® can help you from the depot to the nozzle by monitoring fuel properties in real-time, deployed online storage tanks, dispensing systems and fuel trucks. Natural add-on to more traditional level & leak measurements, DEVIL® brings fuel monitoring to the next era. Online fuel properties assessment brings additional quality insurance perspectives, accurate fuel management, and bottom line: savings, differentiation and reputation.

DEVIL® is a compact, robust, plug & play device from AVENISENSE, that measures in real-time density, viscosity and temperature. The device is tolerant to water and fuel-related conditions and is supplied with very short delivery times in the US and Europe. Interested into an evaluation unit prior deploying? Request our Windows operating starter kit and play with the DEVIL® !

Contact our technical engineers to discuss your project fuel@avenisense.com

DEVIL Fuel monitoring DEVIL Fuel density monitoring DEVIL_Fuel density monitoring