1 April 2016


AVENISENSE is pleased to announce the establishment of new subsidiaries, AVENISENSE USA and AVENISENSE EUROPE, to grow and strenghthen our product support on an international basis.
Opening a US subsidiary is a key step in AVENISENSE’s growth strategy. The United States is a large market for the company’s fluidic properties sensing products in the energy and high technology sectors. AVENISENSE USA, located in New York, will focus on the development of these strategic markets.

image-new-york-office-avenisense Aerial view of Leman lake - Geneva city in Switzerland

AVENISENSE EUROPE, based in Geneva, Switzerland, will continue to support of our innovative solutions across the European market.

Through these new subsidiaries, AVENISENSE reinforces its presence in the world. AVENISENSE is proud to partner with our customers across the globe, to provide fuidic properties sensing technologies along with value-added services.