Fuel Management

AVENISENSE offers embedded fuel quality insurance during transportation & distribution steps.

Fuel Management

Complete fuel monitoring solution from storage to dispensing

Our sensor DEVIL, measures the density and the viscosity of a liquid and is the first viable solution for monitoring the quality of fuels from the terminal, shipment on the truck to the receiving end at the customer. With low power requirements, electrical safety approvals, digital communication and flexible mounting it can be integrated into a GSM/GPRS communication module for autonomous power and measurement. Readings are sent wirelessly and data is delivered ready for use to the control centre.

Typical applications of DEVIL for fuel management:




Fuel Dispensing system

Your tasks:

Challenge: Do you measure the volume of a fuel sold with a high precision volumetric flow meter? Does your customer want the the volume delivered converted into a mass measurement? Is the energy content of the fuel a concern? Are you using an offline method for determining fuel density?

Solution:  The DEVIL the liquid density meter provides fuel density on-line in realtime to make this conversion accurate and simple.


  • Online measurement of the liquid density for online calculation of energy delivered
  • Fast and reliable communication to the operator to monitor of density during fuel delivery
  • Easy implemented into existing dispenser systems due to the unmatched small footprint, electrically safe operation and the various mounting options
  • No change in the flow delivery rate and no additional pressure loss in the dispensing system

Your benefits:

  • Quality. The complex, operator dependent offline measurement is replaced by an inline, failsafe and traceable measurement method.
  • Safety. The online density measurement monitors every single kilo of dispensed fuel. In case of a significant density change, the dispensing process can be interrupted to prevent out of spec fuel from being delivered.
  • Cost saving. DEVIL is easy to mount in existing pipe infrastructure. It is not adding a significant pressure loss to the dispensing system. This results in significant benefits because you do not need to change infrastructure like the pump size or existing flowmeter.

Product in use:

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Motor Fuels

Your tasks:

You operate a network for the storage, transportation and distribution of large fuel quantities. For various fuel types? That for, you operate various assets like storage tanks and a road tanker fleet? You need to guarantee to your customer, that initially loaded fuel quality will be delivered to the final destination. Fuel adulteration and theft are a serious concern for the profitability of your business as well as for customer loyalty.


Based on a modular solution package Avenisense can tailor the best match solution for all challenges you face, concerning fuel adulteration.

  • Sensors to monitor the density and viscosity as key values to prevent any fuel from unwanted adulteration
  • Turnkey solution for real time monitoring of the fuel quality and quantity, the truck coordinates and a video surveillance to prevent from and attempts of unauthorized intervention at hand
  • Immediate information in case of any deviations of the monitored parameters are out of pre-set tolerance limits
  • Cyclic checks for presence of unauthorized objects inside the tanks

Fuel retailers’ benefits:

  • Top line performance. Significant mitigation of fuel theft will increase sales revenue
  • Product safety & Customer Loyalty. The prevention of fuel adulterations and fraud will drastically decrease the number of incidents with sales of poor quality fuel at petrol filling station

Logistic companies’ benefits:

  • Bottom line performance. Drastically decreased a number of detected by customer cases of fuel adulteration and theft will radically mitigate a value of fines and penalties
  • Customer Loyalty. Based on the monitoring solution installed along the logics chain, your customers will recognize you as trustworthy logistic providers for present and future collaboration

Product in use:

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