Fuel Management

Complete fuel monitoring solution from storage to dispensing

Our sensor DEVIL, measures the density and the viscosity of a liquid and is the first viable solution for monitoring the quality of fuels from the terminal, shipment on the truck to the receiving end at the customer. With low power requirements, electrical safety approvals, digital communication and flexible mounting it can be integrated into a GSM/GPRS communication module for autonomous power and measurement. Readings are sent wirelessly and data is delivered ready for use to the control centre.

Typical applications of DEVIL for fuel management:



AVENISENSE_Complete solution for safe fuel transportation (application 2.51 MB)
AVENISENSE_Fuel Quality Monitoring in Fuel Storage and Dispensing (application 967.62 KB)
AVENISENSE_Jet Fuel Monitoring for safe flight & operations (application 1.10 MB)