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Avenisense | Density sensors, viscosity sensors, oil quality sensors, humidity & water activity sensors, embedded & wireless sensors for remote supervision

«Avenisense is a leading company in the development and manufacturing of embedded fluid property sensors. The company delivers plug & play sensors and transmitters for the continuous monitoring of oil and gas, fuels, lubrication oil quality, beberages, chemicals, paints & inks. Avenisense is involved in long-term relationships with OEM, system integrators and co-developing companies worldwide. Our high-tech instruments enhance the profitability, safety of industrial processes, and play a key role in reducing the maintenance cost of lubricated machineries.»


T/F +33 (0)4 5708 0225     .     Skype : deskavenisense
AVENISENSE S.A.S. - Savoie Technolac - BP 233 - 17, avenue du Lac Léman - 73374 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex - FRANCE

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